Brian Faucette’s Thankless Task of Living Your Life For You

Posted in Art, Faith, Religion, self help by TASTE & POWER on January 4, 2010

The Thankless Task of Living Your Life For You is the blog of artist Brian Faucette, who’s works address systems of meaning and value taken for granted by the bastions of contemporary culture.  Faucette works in a variety of media, but here we are given a chance to glimpse his daily explorations of writing and digital graphic works, which he approaches, as in his paintings and sculptures, from an ostensibly formalist position, which is then constantly called into self-reflexive question and doubt as he undercuts the sacred mythology of modernism with the profanity of the earnest.

if you haven’t fled the swamp air yet

Posted in Art, Music by teenagediet on July 30, 2008

these things are going down