Brian Belott ‘A Goosh Noosh’ @ Zürcher Studio

Posted in Art by danielheidkamp on October 27, 2012

The paintings in Brian Belott’s current solo show are goof-fully cobbled together with sundry socks and combs, g-clefs, neon acid, wobbly grids, miscellaneous geometries, and directional arrows to point out the best parts. Because most of the works are framed and trapped under glass like scientific specimens, it may seem that this artist has an instinct to ‘contain’.  But many of us in the Taste & Power family know the naked truth about Belott– that he crackles like a roman candle– you can douse him, but that only makes him burn hotter: he cannot be contained.  Belott operates near the gurgling core from where all art emerges, and he gives off energy for the rest of us.  The radiation levels were high at his October mid-exhibition karaoke and styrofoam themed performance art bash.