if you haven’t fled the swamp air yet

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these things are going down

Also, for those who like their minds fucked…

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Check out BLOTTED SCIENCE. Ron Jarzombek from Spastic Ink on guitar, Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse on bass, and Mike Zeleny from Behold… The Arctopus! on drums. I should go into a brief history of each member for those who don’t know, but trust me. They’re like the Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, and Li-Lo of extreme technical prowess. They fuck everyone (up).

If Bach had a double guitar

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I’ve been meaning to post this and I think we’ve finally opened the opportunity. For all those who really want to know why we love double guitars watch my main man Adam Fulara bust. Also, this is the best guitar face ever.  I challenge anyone to find a better one.

If ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it!

And I think we need more sandwiches on here.

this too

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probly destroying every shred of cred i  just built by blasting noise. but fuck it i just found tiny specks of bone rattle. i want this record.

fuck it heres this too

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if you havent seen suspiria you may not want to peep this

common fucking ground

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lets agree on these

the last one isn’t for metal fans but babe fans. I hope this post makes us good. oh and your sandwich looks sick.

A man walked onto a subway track…

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If you’re not too busy, and you’re on the best coast, then you might want to do something not boring and go see the seminal AT THE GATES tonight in Pomona, or tomorrow night in Hollywood. (With cars you can do things like go to many awesome places miles and miles apart in a short amount of time.) It’s their first and final tour in 10 or so years and these are the last two shows of the tour before they go back to their superior lands of chocolate and skiing and letting other people fight their wars. Here’s proof that AT THE GATES are not boring and actually fun.

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Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

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Imagine a perfect summer day. Not a care in the world, just sittin’ out in the sun bronzin’.  On a day like this its hard to have a care in the world, much less wrap your brain around a concept more complex than applying sun tan lotion and mixing a margarita. Now imagine this is everyday. Yes you are correct, that is exactly why people in L.A. don’t “get stuff”. If you are in N.Y. you should come out to this today.

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Jenkem use in Brooklyn

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For those of you who don’t know, Jenkem is a way to get high off of human feces. In the book Children of AIDS: Africa’s Orphan Crisis by Emma Guest, the making of Jenkem is described as “fermented human sewage, scraped from pipes and stored in plastic bags for a week or so, until it gives off numbing, intoxicating fumes.” The smell of feces that permeates the borough of Brooklyn has always been thought to create the same effects of doing Jenkem directly, but now it’s clear that it acts like the airborne hallucinogen in Batman Begins and causes kids there to enjoy looking at shitty, ugly things.

yeah whatever, lets move forward two years

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yeah bush sucks. who doesn’t know that? yeah batman rules. does anyone disagree? Here are two Agathe Snow sculptures I like.