RIP Bert Jansch

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“I’m not one for showing off. But I guess my guitar-playing sticks out.”

-Bert Jansch


Rest in peace, Bert Jansch.  I have loved your music ever since I discovered your 1965 self-titled debut record in Twisted Village’s legendary Cambridge basement store.  I have since collected several others, and I will cherish them forever.  You were better than Nick Drake.

and Donovan loved you maybe most of all.

there are two of them!

For those skeptical as to the veracity of my claim as to his superior musical sens-abilities, here’s Fahey’s version for comparison.  By no means a bad recording, just not as good as Bert Jansch’s masterpiece.

To be fair, I believe he did record a better version of the song at some point, though I’m too lazy to go digging through my records to verify this, but I have done extensive surveys with that version, and the vote is unanimous…after playing the two songs back to back, Bert’s version kills it.

Anyways, enough with that shit, right?  Here’s another amazing song by Bert.

He was also a founding member of the band Pentangle.

Black Waterside

Blues Run the Game

Bert Jansch play’s “Angie”

And that’s how you play a guitar.


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There’s a sociological exploration I and my loose sound collective Friends With Benefits are throwing tonight. Near Gowanus

622 Degraw St.

it’s called STOP SEXTING

there will be juking, footwurk, spongebobbin’,



Very well


the prodigal son of Taste& Power who never received his promised t-shirt:

Devin Kenny.

Do the Dog!

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I have no idea…

Zam Rock

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70s Psych & Stoner Rock from Zambia



Chrissy Zebby Tembo

I want to post something about Paul Ngozi but I have to go to work and build flats for some shit at sundance.  so i’ll hopefully do that later.  picture from Now & Again Records which has reissued beautiful vinyl pressings from the afforementioned artists.

Music from Jamaica(and Canada)

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Something reminded me of this song today and I ain’t heard it in years, so I thought I’d post it.  Althea & Donna‘s Uptown Top Ranking.  So good.

Also, Phyllis Dillon with Don’t Touch Me Tomato.

Alton Ellis’ son Noel recorded a record in the early 80s in Canada which is pretty rad.

Burning Spear‘s classic “Marcus Garvey.”

Big Youth “Pride and Joy Rock”

The self-described “Dark Prince of Dub” Keith Hudson‘s “Darkest Night”

Danzig videos

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Glenn Danzig “Welcome to My Book Collection”

then Chuck Biscuits talks about his amazing collection of classic vintage cereal boxes

Available, sometimes, on VHS on ebay and at swap meets near you.

Systematic Death

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My old stomping grounds of Sierra Madre / Pasadena had a bunch of snot nosed punk rock kids with skateboards and guitars, just like every stomping ground. I’m not sure there was anything unique to mine except for the particular bands that played and the individuals that stomped around. While going through old comics the other night I stumbled upon this gem of a zine that Gabe from the Waifs was doing called Systematic Death. Short lived it was, but this issue captured a moment of my youth and the youth of my friends. Within we got some local band reviews, tips for dealing with cops, a little art, a little poetry, and some mixed tape adds. I scanned some pages to post it. I’m encouraging others to do the same to get a snapshot from what was going on in ya’ll’s hoods. Oh, and some of you might see some familiar pimpled baby faces so look for that.
sc00135d01use your imagination to fill in the gaps up there. Like if you had some frog blood and wanted to fill in the gaps of Dino DNA.




FALKENBACH – Heralding – The Fireblade

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Here’s some kick ass music from Germany. Started as a one man project in the late 80’s Falkenbach really developed in the 00’s possibly because the writer Vratyas Vakyas (translated as “the searching wanderer”) had by then taken the time to learn Old Norse, Latin, and Old German, which makes the clean vocal parts sound much more epic than in english, and had began to shy away more from the bedroom-black metal sound that clogs the blogs of the internet and more towards a simplistic yet epic folk sound that invokes images of packed heathen halls of singing ale worshipers swinging their mugs in unison. Mixed with acoustic guitars, very heavy distorted guitars, light strings, battle drums, and some wooden pipes, this could be some 90s Radiohead for the viking warrior. Heralding – The Fireblade is predominantly songs with the black metal roots and the cave dwelling vocals, but plenty of the more evolved sound fills this solid album. It’s a combination that is eloquently done as to not be a muddled mess. Put it on your iPod, sit on a hilltop with your hood over your head, smoke an old pipe, and enjoy.

Download below


and follow up with a search for the album Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty if you want the album with none of the black metal.

Blues Rock from Denmark

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oldmanwinter proposed we start posting music on here, so im gonna go ahead and give that a brief first shot.

here we have a showcasing of heavy blues rock from Denmark around the late 60s, early 70s.  most take strong influence from the guitar stylings of Hendrix and Clapton, you can hear a little Sabbath and Blue Cheer on some tracks, and the bands were creative, too.  Definitely some interesting stuff worth giving a listen if youre a fan of the genre.  enjoy!

There’s one more from the same scene by a band called Days but due to it’s rather common name I havent been able to find it…if anyone else can find it or has it and wants to post it, that would be great.

Music, Politics, and Dismemberment.

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Does anyone think John McCain should be president? Does anyone think both John McCain and Barack Obama are the same? Does anyone think Barack Obama will give you a moist towelette with a smile at his White House BBQs? I know we shy away from politics on this site, or at least i’ve been called less than savory epithets for trying to talk about it, but gosh darnit, i think it’s interesting. Anyway, i thought if anyone was inline with the any of the aforementioned modes of thought we could debate or discuss here on Taste & Power. Yes, there are other sites for that, but i think most of the folks on those sites are either still in college and all “radical”, or never went. I think my friends thirsting for tasty power snacks are intelligent and funny.

Also, can we start uploading links to music we’re finding out there? I found some good ones for music i like but i’d like to here what you like.

I don’t have much to say about dismemberment, except that dismember does not rhyme with October, but October is sandwhiched right between September and November, December. Kind of an uneven sando, i guess. August is a pretty gay name for a month. AUGUST: the hater of sandos.