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There’s a sociological exploration I and my loose sound collective Friends With Benefits are throwing tonight. Near Gowanus

622 Degraw St.

it’s called STOP SEXTING

there will be juking, footwurk, spongebobbin’,



Very well


the prodigal son of Taste& Power who never received his promised t-shirt:

Devin Kenny.

Brian Faucette’s Thankless Task of Living Your Life For You

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The Thankless Task of Living Your Life For You is the blog of artist Brian Faucette, who’s works address systems of meaning and value taken for granted by the bastions of contemporary culture.  Faucette works in a variety of media, but here we are given a chance to glimpse his daily explorations of writing and digital graphic works, which he approaches, as in his paintings and sculptures, from an ostensibly formalist position, which is then constantly called into self-reflexive question and doubt as he undercuts the sacred mythology of modernism with the profanity of the earnest.

Wanna get laid? Join an Iraqi cult!

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According to the L.A. Times today an Iraqi cult known as Heaven’s Army is trying to wreak chaos all over Iraq. The goal is to cause a rapture-esque event where the saint Imam Mahdi, a descendant of Muhammad, will come down to earth and throw a party. But they need as many suicide bombers as possible and unlike oil they are not a renewable resource. So they need lots of dudes and lots of bitches, mostly bitches to hump all the dudes and keep them stoked on blowing shit up. Abu Jassem said he could join and would get cash-money, but he had to let the other dudes sleep with his wife, daughter and sister. A foursome sprinkled with the zest of incest, no less. Hell yeah. And a woman named Iman was approached by a friend who said, “Listen girl, you want Imam Mahdi to come back? Then you should hump my husband.” Swingers! If your sex life is not up to code then join Heaven’s Army. Sounds heavenly humptastic to me!

why i’m in love with the economic meltdown

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because just when i thought public radio couldnt get any better, they added Planet Money, a new podcast and blog which explains the crisis in such clear terms even i can understand it.

I will be suspending my panhandling campaign so as to focus on the national economy.

"I will be suspending my panhandling campaign so as to focus on the national economy."

Is it terminal?

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I have noticed a lot of unsure, questionable coverage of the Russian Georgian conflict recently that has left me a bit confused as to how to take all this news and turn it into an opinion to call my own.  Being that I will shortly be in Russia, I have taken the time to go over the extensively ubiquitous coverage.  I will not be close to the border in question, though the thought of it has sparked a new debate in my mind.  I am drawn to places like this.  I have joked many times that the reason I decided to move to Seoul is that I heard a nuclear bomb went off next door and I thought a mushroom cloud would be a pretty site to see.  Now, this statement normally evokes laughter (in people cool enough to think it is funny) but it is actually semi truthful.  I did come here for other reasons, but partially, I thought that perhaps North Korea was more than a fictionalized landscape of human rights abuses spurned from a scorned nation with little precious natural resources and a dictator with napoleonesque features and delusions.  To put it bluntly, I thought there could be a war, or at least a hostile conflict causing strife or possibly a schism in the fabric of the delicate Korean political landscape.  There hasn’t, and I am not disappointed; I am OK.  But the recent urging of a few close colleagues and relatives to consider skipping over Russia as part of my upcoming extended vacation has been met with a staunch denial to hear any reasoning, mostly because the negative aspects they are going to come up with are already there in the back of my mind secretly wanting to come to fruition.  Anyway, I am an Aquarius who likes basketball, natural disasters and hopes to one day be accidently caught in the middle of a war.

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Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

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Imagine a perfect summer day. Not a care in the world, just sittin’ out in the sun bronzin’.  On a day like this its hard to have a care in the world, much less wrap your brain around a concept more complex than applying sun tan lotion and mixing a margarita. Now imagine this is everyday. Yes you are correct, that is exactly why people in L.A. don’t “get stuff”. If you are in N.Y. you should come out to this today.

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“Wait’ll They Get A Load Of Me.”

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When Heath Ledger died back in January I probably mourned with little more than a shrug. I hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon to see him play a star-crossed gay cowboy. While a bunch of people went out to see I’m Not There, I wasn’t there. And I think there were at least ten things I found distasteful with Ten Things I Hate About You. However, after seeing his version of The Joker in The Dark Knight I now see there’s plenty to be sad about.

While credit is certainly owed to Christopher Nolan for writing the extraordinary dialogue that Mr. Ledger clearly relished in, his was more than acting. It was the disappearance of an actor into words on paper only to reemerge as an icon that graced us with an obliterating blow to all other possible and existing performances of The Joker. This Joker personified those moments at rock bottom some of us have when we say, “Fuck it. One day our star will engulf any residue of humanity anyway.” These moments are potential gateways to absolute freedom. The kind of freedom that is knowing that we are going to die some day and that nothing matters except in what it means to us here and now. Knowing that our manmade institutions and concepts are stifling to what we truly can be. These moments can be chilling and thankfully most of us seem to crawl our way out. Nonetheless I found his performance serene.

Heath Ledger’s The Joker is Taste and Power, in the way that I wish I could have it. He has the taste for anarchy and the power of an “agent of chaos.” In January I shrugged. But after seeing The Dark Knight I truly miss a man I never knew.

IRON MAN and The Disappointment of Aging, or How Hollywood Has The Marketing Mind of a 12 Year Old

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Next month Marvel Comics is releasing their newest installment in the misfortunate series of events that is their movie franchise. The creation of an IRON MAN movie, staring your favorite snuggly crack head Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark, playboy billionaire and man behind the Iron Mask, has been something of a childhood fantasy for me. Back in the junior high days when no Marvel movies were being made (except for Dolph Lundgren’s PUNISHER and Wesley Snipes’ first BLADE movie) my pals and I would spend our time skating, smoking, and talking about useless shit like how rad it would be to see Spider-Man, Wolverine, or the Human Torch on the big screen. However, there was something way more special about Iron Man: he was also a muther fucking Black Sabbath song.

This idea had never left me through out the rest of my life (albeit, something I never dwelt on). Black Sabbath’s quintessential song “Iron Man” somehow involved with a movie about Iron Man the hero would be as awesome as discovering my first pube. So imagine my shock when this fantasy actually came to pass:

I don’t know if it’s the clearly propagandistic nature of the sequence, or just that I was super lame when I was 12, or maybe hearing Robert Downey talk leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but when I first saw this, and wasn’t considering for a even moment that Sabbath might actually have a role in this, I could not stop laughing in dismay. But, why? Why was I NOT super pumped up? WHY was this so lame to me? For christ’s sake, it was a boyhood fantasy come true! When does that ever happen? Instead, I was like a mad scientist who had just seen his monster come to life, overwhelmed with his own power to create the unthinkable, or, to quote Jeff Goldblum, “so caught up with whether or not I could that I never stopped to think if I should.” Nevertheless, where my 12 year old self would have climaxed on his chair my 24 year old self, after having finished laughing and realized what he had done, took another swig from his whiskey bottle and shook his head at his defeat with a half–life long war of fantasy versus reality. That is, not everything is as cool as it was when I was a kid.

On a side note, here’s a fun game I came up with: Think of other songs that would be even funnier than “Iron Man” for Iron Man to kick down doors to. My favorites are the chorus to Live’s “Lighting Crashes” and the hook in Boyz II Men’s “Motown Philly.” Seriously, this game will give you at least a half hour of entertainment.

Your own Dalai Lama

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Whether it’s his smile, or a coy side glance, you too can have inner peace with your choice of beautiful desktop images of His Holiness!

His Holiness likes to share a joke,

“You the man! You! No, You! Aw, you’re great.”

… or just unwind. There’s a little bit of Dalai Lama in all of us.

Visit http://www.dalailama.com/ for more information.

The Best Thing TV Ever Did for Anyone

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Warning. If you are currently stoned, at all……your brain is about to be over.  I am about to watch “After Humans” will give a full report later.