Posted in Uncategorized by oldmandub on September 13, 2008

I want to be   a part of it so bad. I’ve been having dreams some nights, maybe 1 every two weeks, that lead me to believe that I am a part of it. And it is like heroin. Like a 15 year old’s mushroom body high. The amazing culture it exudes far surpasses anything I get from movies or music. The realistic portrayal of super heroes in a time that might need them the most. At the verge of anihilation. (spell check that for me.) A story so full of death makes me want to live so much more . I’ve subjected myself to something less than what I … no. I love  comics. And this story inwebs my dreams, many of my thoughts when I’m by myself, and it makes sitting more pleasurable than others would have let me know. I love watchmen. find something in it, too.