Systematic Death

Posted in Music, Politics by oldmandub on January 5, 2009


My old stomping grounds of Sierra Madre / Pasadena had a bunch of snot nosed punk rock kids with skateboards and guitars, just like every stomping ground. I’m not sure there was anything unique to mine except for the particular bands that played and the individuals that stomped around. While going through old comics the other night I stumbled upon this gem of a zine that Gabe from the Waifs was doing called Systematic Death. Short lived it was, but this issue captured a moment of my youth and the youth of my friends. Within we got some local band reviews, tips for dealing with cops, a little art, a little poetry, and some mixed tape adds. I scanned some pages to post it. I’m encouraging others to do the same to get a snapshot from what was going on in ya’ll’s hoods. Oh, and some of you might see some familiar pimpled baby faces so look for that.
sc00135d01use your imagination to fill in the gaps up there. Like if you had some frog blood and wanted to fill in the gaps of Dino DNA.