Is it terminal?

Posted in self help by nonsensepoems on August 20, 2008

I have noticed a lot of unsure, questionable coverage of the Russian Georgian conflict recently that has left me a bit confused as to how to take all this news and turn it into an opinion to call my own.  Being that I will shortly be in Russia, I have taken the time to go over the extensively ubiquitous coverage.  I will not be close to the border in question, though the thought of it has sparked a new debate in my mind.  I am drawn to places like this.  I have joked many times that the reason I decided to move to Seoul is that I heard a nuclear bomb went off next door and I thought a mushroom cloud would be a pretty site to see.  Now, this statement normally evokes laughter (in people cool enough to think it is funny) but it is actually semi truthful.  I did come here for other reasons, but partially, I thought that perhaps North Korea was more than a fictionalized landscape of human rights abuses spurned from a scorned nation with little precious natural resources and a dictator with napoleonesque features and delusions.  To put it bluntly, I thought there could be a war, or at least a hostile conflict causing strife or possibly a schism in the fabric of the delicate Korean political landscape.  There hasn’t, and I am not disappointed; I am OK.  But the recent urging of a few close colleagues and relatives to consider skipping over Russia as part of my upcoming extended vacation has been met with a staunch denial to hear any reasoning, mostly because the negative aspects they are going to come up with are already there in the back of my mind secretly wanting to come to fruition.  Anyway, I am an Aquarius who likes basketball, natural disasters and hopes to one day be accidently caught in the middle of a war.

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the great sandwich feud of 1906

Posted in Food & Wine, Uncategorized by teenagediet on April 29, 2008

Dear Readers Contributors of Taste and Power,

Lately there has been a great deal of discussion surrounding the subject of sandwiches. This has caused me to reflect deeply on the idea of sandwich, sandwich craftsmanship, sandwich ingenuity, and true sandwich greatness. While pondering the realm of sandwich l have come to know that a fine sandwichmen should be judged not only by the aesthetic and structural merit of his sandwich fabrication but also by the great adversity overcome in the acquisition of only the finest sandwich components. A great sandwichmen does not fear the stings of a thousand jelly fish whilst procuring meat of the rarest sea urchin. A truly great sandwichmen will wrestle the freshest berries from the maternal paw of the appalachian black bear with intentions of feeding her young. A great sandwichmen is a golden titan finely grinding the purest wheat between the tablets of Moses himself in hopes of holding a loaf frenched by the tongue of God.

And it is in this spirit that I propose a contest of a sandwich nature. The rules are as follows. You must construct a sandwich of your own design. This sandwich will be photographed and its contents indexed thoroughly. Each contestant will submit aforementioned photograph along with a detailed written description of the sandwich via a posting on Taste and Power. The reactions in the comments will determine the winner.

Good Luck to All,


P.S. Ya’ll are FUCKED.