RIP Bert Jansch

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“I’m not one for showing off. But I guess my guitar-playing sticks out.”

-Bert Jansch


Rest in peace, Bert Jansch.  I have loved your music ever since I discovered your 1965 self-titled debut record in Twisted Village’s legendary Cambridge basement store.  I have since collected several others, and I will cherish them forever.  You were better than Nick Drake.

and Donovan loved you maybe most of all.

there are two of them!

For those skeptical as to the veracity of my claim as to his superior musical sens-abilities, here’s Fahey’s version for comparison.  By no means a bad recording, just not as good as Bert Jansch’s masterpiece.

To be fair, I believe he did record a better version of the song at some point, though I’m too lazy to go digging through my records to verify this, but I have done extensive surveys with that version, and the vote is unanimous…after playing the two songs back to back, Bert’s version kills it.

Anyways, enough with that shit, right?  Here’s another amazing song by Bert.

He was also a founding member of the band Pentangle.

Black Waterside

Blues Run the Game

Bert Jansch play’s “Angie”

And that’s how you play a guitar.

post-it notes from the prodigal son

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performance art odd rap and joke punk at 152 ludlow

performance art odd rap and joke punk at 152 ludlow

Stealing Inspiration from those Less Fortunate

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zombie kidz rule

Lately when I’ve been feeling shitty and powerless, instead of my typical willingness to wallow in my own sense of disenfranchisement, I’ve been trying to take a more “active” role in making myself feel better by looking at DJ K-Swift’s myspace page for inspiration. Just watching the pieces of the puzzle load up like gunshots goin off in the night seems now to have a kind of pavlovian power to motivate me…I CAN DO BETTER…even before I read her story of coming up against them pesty odds. BMore, to me, has always sounded like a crew of zombie kids double dutching at the end of the world, the projects burning all around them, thick grey smoke billowing up to a black and red sky.  DJ K-Swift is the Nietzschean fem-bot heroine in this immdediately-post-apocalyptic landscape, flying around on her hovering dj booth & teaching me and those zombie kids that the new empire is ours for the taking should we muster up the balls to do so. YES I CAN.