I’m so glad the king is dead

Posted in Art by teenagediet on March 2, 2008

Thomas Krens aka the prince of darkness aka the director of the Guggenheim foundation is resigning from his throne of human blood and gold. This is the man responsible for such tasteless moves as bringing a show of Armani Suits (underwritten by the company) to the Googs as well as giving Frank Gehry the “outsider architect” (Krens discovered Gehry in a mental institute in Appalachian Virginia) money to build heinous temples of poor aesthetic judgment across the globe, the newest in Abu Dhabi (let’s hope no cell-phone pics of this war crime surface) . Anyways, I will be breaking my long moratorium on the foundation in celebration of this news, and will be viewing “I Want to Believe” by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang this week. Wanna Go?