Sando Attacks Continue…

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In a sudden crime wave involving sandwiches”

from ChattahBox, MA

VERO BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A Vero Beach man faces a domestic violence charge after authorities said he assaulted his girlfriend with a cheeseburger. An Indian River County Sheriff’s Office arrest report said a 22-year-old man and his girlfriend got into an argument as they sat in a car in front of their home.

The report said the man would not let the woman out of the vehicle, so she threw his drink out of the car. In response, the man allegedly grabbed her arm and smashed the cheeseburger into her face. The pair got out of the car, and authorities say the man again took the McDonald’s sandwich and put it on her face.

The man was released on $1,000 bond Wednesday.

Information from: Press-Journal, http://www.tcpalm.com/vero

the great sandwich feud of 1906

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Dear Readers Contributors of Taste and Power,

Lately there has been a great deal of discussion surrounding the subject of sandwiches. This has caused me to reflect deeply on the idea of sandwich, sandwich craftsmanship, sandwich ingenuity, and true sandwich greatness. While pondering the realm of sandwich l have come to know that a fine sandwichmen should be judged not only by the aesthetic and structural merit of his sandwich fabrication but also by the great adversity overcome in the acquisition of only the finest sandwich components. A great sandwichmen does not fear the stings of a thousand jelly fish whilst procuring meat of the rarest sea urchin. A truly great sandwichmen will wrestle the freshest berries from the maternal paw of the appalachian black bear with intentions of feeding her young. A great sandwichmen is a golden titan finely grinding the purest wheat between the tablets of Moses himself in hopes of holding a loaf frenched by the tongue of God.

And it is in this spirit that I propose a contest of a sandwich nature. The rules are as follows. You must construct a sandwich of your own design. This sandwich will be photographed and its contents indexed thoroughly. Each contestant will submit aforementioned photograph along with a detailed written description of the sandwich via a posting on Taste and Power. The reactions in the comments will determine the winner.

Good Luck to All,


P.S. Ya’ll are FUCKED.

Proof God exists? Not quite, but we’re close.

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Langer’s Deli at the corner of Alvarado and 7th in MacArthur Park perfected pastrami. Hands down, the best in Los Angeles. However, Gourmet Magazine ranked it at a mere #2. My colleague and I discussed its rating over lunch and we can’t even make up something that is totally absurd that would make it better. If it was served by a naked Jessica Alba with an Iggy Popp waiter it would still carry the same prowess of Earth’s Mightiest Sandwich. It’s like the realization of the Rosetta Stone, invention of the tin can, and discovery of Santo Domingue all-in-one. It is the finest achievement of Western Civilization. Christmas and the fork bow to the Pastrami at Langer’s. And then there is the perfectly frosted mugs that make a Bud Light to a Langer’s Pastrami sandwich what the Roosevelt Corollary To The Monroe Doctrine is to the Monroe Doctrine. But seriously, the rye bread tastes like it is made from the Emperor’s private grain stash, the Cole Slaw oozes with a Russian Dressing that Rasputin used to revive himself time-and-time again, the Swiss Cheese tastes like the Alps look, and the Pastrami is prepared like a Blitzkrieg. Except it loves Jews. And I love it.

I’m going to seek out this #1 deli in L.A. and I guess lose weight eating it because that’s the only thing that could make it better. And then I’ll ride a unicorn over to God’s House and hurl Iraqi WMDs down at Langer’s in sole allegiance to #1.


Brains, Crystallized Peppers, Egyptian Coffee

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Astoria Queens has been an ethnic food mecca for decades now. In the midst of Steinway street, the Egyptian quarter, lays the gem that is Ali Kebab house. Upon approaching the nondescript facade, I noticed a small gathering surrounding a portly oracle. There are no menus at Ali Kebab… only the oracle’s recitation of his evil plans for the evening. This particular evening, his plans included calf brains, fresh artichoke and fennel salad, duck stuffed with chicken, tripe (cow intestine) soup, lamb cheeks and tongue, and an amazing broiled bronzino with carmelized vegetables served family style… among other offerings.

My comrades and I eventually filed into the tiny living room and crammed onto pillow covered wood slabs. A delightful mute brought us bottles of wine while Ali, the only waiter and chef for the place, prepared delectables five feet away from us whilst rambling about the wonders of the various ingredients he had purchased that very afternoon. We put our trust in Ali to “wow” us and refused to order any specific items that would taint his vision of the evenings proceedings.

First came the artichoke and fennel salad. Ali even seasoned the plate with sumac and middle eastern spices for aroma. The vegetables were incredibly fresh and well prepared. A good sign of things to come. Next were the brains. I can only describe them as gamey scrambled eggs. It was as if Ali went to Cairo and wanted to create a brunch offering with only a cow head, a machete and a cast iron skillet. Rad. Another hit was the broiled whole bronzino served in the cooking vessel atop carmelized peppers, onions, and carrots. The vegetable medly almost overshadowed the fish with complexity and richness.

For dessert Ali announced he would be bringing us “mountain oysters.” We were pumped until the goat testicles were set in front of us aside a coconut sponge cake and steaming hibicus tea. Seriously Ali? MOUNTAIN OYSTER! he exclaimed. I took one bit of the sphere and almost hurled. Luckily it only made the dessert taste better.

After the incredible dinner, Ali took us across the street to an Egyptian coffee house and hooka bar. We all got really amped on the intense tar-like coffee and played poker with him using a bag of beans. Ali enlightened us on the terrain of Egypt and the origin of ingredients he enjoys with the same fervor he used preparing the meal we ate an hour earlier. As the hookah smoke clouded around his large head, I appreciated this oracle for more than his food, but for his passion and deity-like demeanor. Amazing man. You should party with him.

Ali Cooking