A sandwhich walks into a bar…

Posted in Food & Wine, Uncategorized by oldmandub on July 19, 2008

which was AMAZING so I ate it! So, here it goes:

The bread was a lightly toasted rosemary rye with a crunch so satisfying only the thrill of breaking bubble wrap can compare.

Underneath that layer was a thick smearing of a goat’s cheese and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Mustard, together creating a impenetrable forcefield of deliciousness that only my teeth, tongue and other tools of mastication could bust.

Next is the organic juicy tomato. Organic is long for orgy.

Applewood smoked bacon so damn fine Rabbi Schlomo called it “meshugenah!”


Ovenroasted turkey roasted in an oven and tasting good. Thick layers of it. THAT is important.

And then, of course, sun dried tomato hummus. This creates a thick gooey sloppiness that slides all the ingredients around making it nigh impossible to actually eat. But with a ferocious appetite, a lot of napkins, and some balls, one can do it.