Trying W. For Murder

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Here’s a video of an informal indictment against George W. Bush. To me, impeachment is too little, too late, but I think we can still throw him in jail after. And I doubt Obama would pardon him.

“Wait’ll They Get A Load Of Me.”

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When Heath Ledger died back in January I probably mourned with little more than a shrug. I hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon to see him play a star-crossed gay cowboy. While a bunch of people went out to see I’m Not There, I wasn’t there. And I think there were at least ten things I found distasteful with Ten Things I Hate About You. However, after seeing his version of The Joker in The Dark Knight I now see there’s plenty to be sad about.

While credit is certainly owed to Christopher Nolan for writing the extraordinary dialogue that Mr. Ledger clearly relished in, his was more than acting. It was the disappearance of an actor into words on paper only to reemerge as an icon that graced us with an obliterating blow to all other possible and existing performances of The Joker. This Joker personified those moments at rock bottom some of us have when we say, “Fuck it. One day our star will engulf any residue of humanity anyway.” These moments are potential gateways to absolute freedom. The kind of freedom that is knowing that we are going to die some day and that nothing matters except in what it means to us here and now. Knowing that our manmade institutions and concepts are stifling to what we truly can be. These moments can be chilling and thankfully most of us seem to crawl our way out. Nonetheless I found his performance serene.

Heath Ledger’s The Joker is Taste and Power, in the way that I wish I could have it. He has the taste for anarchy and the power of an “agent of chaos.” In January I shrugged. But after seeing The Dark Knight I truly miss a man I never knew.

Lucifer Rising

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Ken Anger’s Lucifer Rising. Music by Bobby Beausoleil.

A sandwhich walks into a bar…

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which was AMAZING so I ate it! So, here it goes:

The bread was a lightly toasted rosemary rye with a crunch so satisfying only the thrill of breaking bubble wrap can compare.

Underneath that layer was a thick smearing of a goat’s cheese and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Mustard, together creating a impenetrable forcefield of deliciousness that only my teeth, tongue and other tools of mastication could bust.

Next is the organic juicy tomato. Organic is long for orgy.

Applewood smoked bacon so damn fine Rabbi Schlomo called it “meshugenah!”


Ovenroasted turkey roasted in an oven and tasting good. Thick layers of it. THAT is important.

And then, of course, sun dried tomato hummus. This creates a thick gooey sloppiness that slides all the ingredients around making it nigh impossible to actually eat. But with a ferocious appetite, a lot of napkins, and some balls, one can do it.

tokyo kid brothers

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trailer for “throw away your books lets rally in the streets” the 1971 street musical film composed by the totally fucking rad J.A. Saezer

Triadic Ballet 1927

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l.a. lets be friends

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hey over there in the other inhabitable part of the country. this girl is proof that some times your not so off

p.s. i hate everyone in suburban lawns but sue tissue. 

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music to help eat that sandwich

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2 types of prosciutto 

2 types salami



some lettucey shit

on a baguette fried in bacon grease

Adam Curtis Blows Minds

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Just for the hell of it, here’s the Power of Nightmares, a documentary I’ve been obsessing over lately. 3 parts, one hour each.