An Explosion So Sweet…

Posted in Food & Wine by thedumpsterbaby on April 29, 2008

oooooooh shiiiiiiiiit....

…and so low in calories it had to be posted. Plus it happened in Belgium, and if you missed yesterday’s post from teenagediet, you can read it right after this and it’ll be like getting the ol’ one-two from Jean-Claude Van Damme…which is a lot more pleasant than it sounds.



It has come to my attention that not everyone is quite the scientist that I am, and as such these images require a little explaining. This is best science experiment ever, and you can do it at home right now. Just grab a two liter bottle of soda(I think these Belgian kids are on to something with the coke Light), unscrew the cap, and drop in the contents of a package of mentos. and WOOOOOOSH! science rulz.

Images from the original article in the Telegraph Uk here.

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